Music in Gaming: What the Hell Happened?
One of the biggest reasons why I tend to lean more towards classic games as opposed to more modern releases is without a doubt the music. All my life I have been a lover of music, and from a very early age I was raised on the classic Nintendo... Read more
Gaming for Stress Relief

Gaming for Stress Relief

Articles November 12, 2017 1

As someone who has suffered with anxiety and depression pretty much all my life, I’ve always found gaming to be an amazing way to relax and keep my mind off of things. There are many ways that different types of games can help improve your situation, depending on the... Read more
QA situation and the lost passion for game development
We all know how stunning and well made retro games were. That’s thanks to the many game testers who worked on each game before their release. Let’s talk for example about the classics from our childhoods, like Nintendo. As far as I remember, I never found any kind of bug... Read more
Fire Emblem: A True Game Changer
  Hey guys, RevSpennicus here. Sorry for my absence over the last week or so, I’ve been experiencing some technical difficulties and I’ve been working very hard getting everything fixed. In any case, I feel that now is a great time to talk about the origins and influence of... Read more